The Guide to the Written Communication Test (WCT Exam)

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If you are looking to become a police officer in Ontario you would need to write the WCT exam. This exam is a written exam that tests an individuals ability to write in a grammatically correct and concise manner. In order to prepare for this exam an individual should practice essay writing and aim at increasing their vocabulary.

One module of the written communication test focuses on several facts that are presented to candidates in a random order, and candidates are required to organize and rank the information. This may seem straight forward but this part of the test makes you look at the big picture, as well as the small details in constructing the full scenario. As you reconstruct the scenario, you develop logical conclusions and results based on the information provided to you. This is important in the real world when you are trying to solve criminal cases.

The second aspect of the WCT is testing for grammar and spelling mistakes. Candidates are reminded to pay attention to the question, of what is being asked and how it is being answered. Paragraph layout, use of comma’s and period’s are equally important here. If you want to become a police officer in become a police officer in Ontario you need to master the english (or french) language, as communication is key to diffusing a situation.

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Candidates are given one hour to complete the exam and test results are valid for a period of 3 years. If you aren’t successful on your first attempt don’t worry, you have two more attempts. Preparing for the WCT isn’t a one week cram session type of exercise. It takes time and effort to build ones grammatical verbiage.

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Becoming a police officer in Canada is a tough process that requires an investment of time and the right study materials. Studying right the first time and passing the different tests is important as time spent on redoing the exam could be replaced by actual time spent in the field. While the

WCT is one of the tests required to become a police officer, the Ontario PATI exam is another major component of the process. This is a multiple choice exam whereby candidates are given 90 mins to go through different analytical type questions. Questions include aspects of math, algebra, and problem solving. Your practice with the WCT will also prepare you for the verbal section of the PATI.