RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB/RPAT)


The RCMP (or Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is a unique division of Canadian law enforcement. This elite highly trained group works at the federal level across Canada and is tasked with enforcing federal laws throughout Canada while general law and order are the responsibility of municipal police departments. There RCMP is responsible for a large array of duties which include providing counter-terrorism and domestic security, providing protection services for Monarchs, the Governor General, the Prime Minister of Canada, as well as their families and residences. They are also tasked with protecting foreign dignitaries that visit Canada.

In order to join the RCMP, top candidates are chosen based on their scores on the RCMP entrance exam (RPAB). It is important that candidates prepare thoroughly for this exam as a high score will enable them easier and faster entrance into the RCMP.

What is the RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB)

The RCMP entrance exam enables individuals to gain entry into this elite group of police officers. The exam is an electronic exam that consists of two separate parts. The first part of the exam is a Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ). This exam consists of true of false statements and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The second part of the RPAB is the RCMP Police Aptitude Test (RPAT). The RPAT consists of multiple choices questions that are designed to evaluate the candidates aptitude. The 6 main areas of the test are:

  • Composition (Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary)
  • Comprehension
  • Observation
  • Logic
  • Judgment
  • Computation and mathematical analysis

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police website has a few sample questions that show the overall structure of the exam.

The PATI Police Training website has recently launched its RPAT study material, study guides and full length RPAT Practice exams. These study materials will guide a candidate through the entire RPAT process. No matter what your past knowledge is, the site contains teaching material assuming the candidate has very little or no past testing knowledge. Practice exams have been created using the latest questions, and all exams come with detailed solutions that act as training materials in their own right. All the RPAT practice tests are time just like the real exam in order to simulate real exam conditions. It is recommended that Candidates sign up at least 1-2 months prior to the exam in order to have enough time to read through and understand all the study material. All areas of the RPAT Aptitude test have been covered in an easy to use and understand structure.