RCMP Compensation and Benefits information

RCMP Compensation

RCMP Compensation and Benefits information

The RCMP is an elite police force that deals with a host of federal and cross border activities aimed at protecting Canada and its citizens. The RCMP provides a lucrative career option for those individuals who have an interest in law enforcement, but want to specialize in all this group has to offer. Many don’t realize that RCMP officers are compensated very well for their services, even though they are laying their lives on the life to protect this nation. Below are some information on the RCMP compensation breakdown:

RCMP Benefits

Some intangible benefits from joining the RCMP is being well trained in all kinds of hand to hand combat, as well as negotiation and interrogation techniques many of which are used by the Canadian Armed Forces. The skills learned as part of an RCMP officer training will enable candidates to benefit in their personal life as well as different business ventures they may come across throughout their careers. Other intangible benefits include confidence building and the ability to stay fit for the job.

Some tangible benefits of joining the RCMP is the lucrative pension program, which is considered to be one of the best in Canada. The pension program will cover a substantial part of a retired officers living expenses upon retirement. These pension plans are held by large investment funds that invest these funds in order to create an added benefit to the retirees.

The RCMP compensation also includes employee assistance programs that enable officers to get help with anything from social issues, personal problems, or legal / medical advice. Further assistance comes in the form of Maternity/Paternity programs which cover a portion of the parents time off when they have children. Life insurance, medical & health benefits, as well as physiotherapy packages are available to RCMP officers as well.

RCMP Salary

In a market place where average salaries for a family of 4 is around $45,000 per year, an RCMP officer can expect a starting salary of $50,000 per year. After the first year this could increase to around $70,000 which is one of the largest increases in any industry, Government or private. Within 3 years an RCMP officers salary could reach approximately $85,000 per year, with Sergeants and inspectors earning even more (up to $140,000 per year). On top of this RCMP officers can enjoy overtime pay which can be a significant source of income.

In order to join the RCMP candidates have to take part in the RPAB, and more specifically the RPAT Exam. Practicing for the RPAT requires time and patience as well as the right tools. Take the RPAT practice tests and focus on the detailed solutions as they will enable you to learn from your mistakes.