PATI and RPAT Exam Info

PATI Test – Police Analytical Thinking Inventory Test (Ontario)

The Police Analytical Thinking Inventory Test – PATI Exam – is a standardized written police entrance examination that needs to be passed in order for an individual to gain entry to the Ontario Police Force. The PATI Exam is designed to assess the candidates analytical thought processing ability and determine his/her aptitude to having a career in the Ontario Police Force.

The PATI is comprised of 3 basic areas and the candidate will have 90 minutes to complete the full examination:

1. Quantitative Reasoning: This area focuses on the candidates ability to mathematically solve problems. Questions related to basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will be prevalent for the quantitative portion of the PATI Exam. Such questions are important in the field as Ontario Police officers are required to problem solve on the go.

2. Inductive Reasoning: This area focuses on the candidates ability to identify common characteristics in a series of items. Police officers in the field are often presented with disjointed information and thus have to piece together information based on what they have available.

3. Deductive Reasoning: This area focuses conclusion and result building. Based on certain available information, Police officers will need to look at evidence and conclude on it. By attempting PATI Practice Tests, a candidates deductive reasoning skills will improve.

Once you pass the PATI your results will be available for up to 3 years.

RPAT – RCMP Aptitude Test (Federal)

The RCMP entrance exam enables individuals to gain entry into this elite group of police officers. The exam is an electronic exam that consists of two separate parts. The first part of the exam is a Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ). This exam consists of true of false statements and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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