Canadian Police Officer – First Year entrants

Canadian Police Officer

The process of becoming a Canadian Police Officer is a seemingly tough process. Along with the PATI exam and applications that you have to fill out, you have to also be physically fit and be able to pass the physical endurance test. After successfully passing all the tests and sending in your application it comes time to prepare for your first day/year as an Provincial Police Officer.

Before you start your first day

At this point you can be rest assured that you are qualified to be a Canadian Police Officer, however it doesn’t hurt to refresh all that you have learned prior to your first big day. Reviewing your study material is a good way to refresh your knowledge. The practice exams at PATI Police Training are useful too but focusing on just the study material now that you have passed the PATI should be sufficient.

First Year as a Canadian Police Officer

Many provincial  jurisdictions require a probationary period where you as a police officer will be evaluated on how you adapt to real world duties. These probationary periods last anywhere from 6 – 12 months of employment, and thus you need to be vigilant on your behaviour. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the answers will only make you a better police officer. During the first few weeks you will be subjected to training specific to the role you will be undertaking. This training usually happens at the local police academy and it will push you to be at your top physical and mental state. Following the training will be live action in your role. Depending on which path you want to take there may be additional follow-up training. You can expect to spend up to 12 weeks at the police academy, and an additional 4-6 weeks of municipal-specific training after this.

Specialized Canadian Police roles

Depending on which division of the police force you aim to build your career in additional police training may be required. Again your study guides and materials from PATI Police Training will be invaluable and enable you to refresh the fundamentals as well as the physical practice components. Specialized training course pertains to crime prevention. For example, the Toronto Crime Prevention group focuses on inner city crime ranging from assault, to robbery or even hate crimes. During a civil unrest this group might be called upon to add a layer of security to the police force.

In Toronto, and in Canada as a hole, one unique aspect of the police force is its multicultural aspect. Canada is a nation of immigrants and thus the police force needs to be a good representation of this. As such your ethnic background, language skills, and other cultural heritage may be useful in defusing a situation where the person of interest doesn’t speak english. Specialized training exists on how to harness this talent.

Your first year as a Canadian police officer will be challenging, but as time goes on your training and knowledge will make things easier.