18 Jan
Becoming a police officer

Become a police officer in Canada

Becoming a police officer in Canada Becoming a police officer in Canada requires several different stages of assessment depending on the specific divisions one wants to join. Many of the opportunities in law enforcement do not require a college or university degree. However, one should follow the guidelines below in order to be ready for a career […]

29 Dec
RCMP Compensation

RCMP Compensation and Benefits information

RCMP Compensation and Benefits information The RCMP is an elite police force that deals with a host of federal and cross border activities aimed at protecting Canada and its citizens. The RCMP provides a lucrative career option for those individuals who have an interest in law enforcement, but want to specialize in all this group […]

13 Dec

RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB/RPAT)

The RCMP (or Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is a unique division of Canadian law enforcement. This elite highly trained group works at the federal level across Canada and is tasked with enforcing federal laws throughout Canada while general law and order are the responsibility of municipal police departments. There RCMP is responsible for a large […]

22 Nov
Canadian Police Officer

Canadian Police Officer – First Year entrants

The process of becoming a Canadian Police Officer is a seemingly tough process. Along with the PATI exam and applications that you have to fill out, you have to also be physically fit and be able to pass the physical endurance test. After successfully passing all the tests and sending in your application it comes […]

12 Nov
Canadian Police Forces

Canadian Police Forces – PATI

If you are one of the new candidates that has decided to join the ranks of the provincial police forces in Ontario, we welcome you to a great career in the Ontario police. Joining the police will embark you on a life long career protecting the public and serving your country as well as your […]

04 Oct
PATI Exam ontario police WCT

The Guide to the Written Communication Test (WCT Exam)

If you are looking to become a police officer in Ontario you would need to write the WCT exam. This exam is a written exam that tests an individuals ability to write in a grammatically correct and concise manner. In order to prepare for this exam an individual should practice essay writing and aim at […]

27 Jun

Become an Ontario Police Officer – PATI

If you have always had a dream of joining one of the more courageous fields of work but didn’t know how, welcome to PATI Police Training. We are leader in providing training materials for the Ontario Police Analytical Thinking Inventory Exam or PATI for short. We provide study guides and training material from the ground […]

20 Jun

PATI Police Training

In the new era of technology, most of the learning is now done through the web. If you want a promising career as a police officer, then you must find the best training program for your needs. Signing up at PATIPoliceTraining will enable you to have this training. Using the web to learn is easy, […]