Become a police officer in Canada

Becoming a police officer

Becoming a police officer in Canada

Becoming a police officer in Canada requires several different stages of assessment depending on the specific divisions one wants to join. Many of the opportunities in law enforcement do not require a college or university degree. However, one should follow the guidelines below in order to be ready for a career in law enforcement in Canada:

  1. Finish your high school degree.
    All every law enforcement degree has this minimum requirement. Be sure to have this finished, or its equivalent, or be prepared to find your career in law enforcement come to a grinding halt. If you haven’t obtained your high school degree due to failing a particular course, don’t worry. There are several online courses that will enable you to get the credit you need in order to graduate high school.
  2. Maintain a good level of physical fitness.
    Physical fitness is one of the major requirements in a career as a law enforcement offier, and staying on top of it early can help ensure you pass the physical requirement tests and qualifications necessary.
  3. Have a clean legal record.
    Having any sort of criminal record can quickly put a stop to your career in law enforcement. Contact your closest Police office in Ontario if you are worried your legal record may stop you from entering law enforcement.
  4. Prepare for the PATI Exam.
    Preparing for your police entrance examinations (PATI in Ontario or RPAB for the RCMP) will help making sure you pass the tests when the time comes. PATI Police Training has a preparation program that will teach you everything you need to know to pass the PATI or RPAT. Look at the different study materials we have available for the PATI or RPAT.
  5. Pass Your Lie Detector & Drug Tests.
    You need to pass this test in order to meet the requirements for many different police agency’s.


A career in law enforcement in Canada is very rewarding, with a strong pension plan, personal services and support, Ontario police officers, or RCMP officers are also well paid depending on the level of experience obtained.
Start your career and prepare accordingly.